Is Life Insurance Without Medical Exams Reliable?

If you were searching online for life insurance, you have probably seen the dispute between those that support and those that contest no exam life insurance.  So, you may wonder if life insurance without medical exams is reliable or not.

happy_senior_coupleThis is normal; we are not insurance agents and know everything about each policy. Plus, this policy is still a novelty on the insurance market and is not fully comprehended by the general public, yet. This article explains more what no medical exam life insurance really is and how you can obtain it.

As the name suggests, is a life insurance policy that does not require a medical exam in order to qualify for it. You may wonder why medical exams are removed from the underwriting requirements.

Firstly, because health problems are not a key element in the underwriting process and many people with pre-existing medical conditions can successfully apply for no exam life insurance. Plus, this will speed up the whole process and in a couple of hours the case of a client will be fully analyzed.

Also, people that have a busy schedule can finally get insurance extremely fast, without having to miss too much from work. This policy does not discriminate people because of their age or health. Still, health and age matter and influence the price of premiums, but at least you can now get coverage.

This is more than any other policies can offer.  No medical exam insurers provide permanent and temporary coverage, just like traditional insurers, but the maximum amount of coverage are much more limited.  You will not be able to save millions of dollars; the maximum is just some couples of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Still, this will be enough to help the family cope with your death and temporarily replace the lost income. No exam life insurance is a solid financial protection tool and has all the benefits provided by the other types of insurance.

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