5 Reasons to Buy No Medical Exam Life Insurance

No exam life insurance was regarded as the black sheep of life insurance policies. But many people realized its benefits. We present you 5 reasons to buy no medical exam life insurance:

seniors searching for life insurance1)     It is the only one to provide coverage for senior citizens and persons with pre-existing medical conditions.  If you do not meet the strict requirements, all insurers that sell traditional policies will reject you.

We know that it seems unfair to disqualify a person just because is a bit older or has some medical issues, but companies usually seek for almost perfect candidates and they have the right to select their own clients. No medical exam insurers are the only ones willing to take the risk and provide coverage.

2)     There are multiple forms of no exam life insurance. You will get the same basic types of insurance: term life insurance and whole life insurance. So, it is up to you to decide if you want to be protected for lifetime or only for a brief period of time.

Plus, final expense insurance is another valid option. Is a low cost policy that helps your family prepare for your imminent death?

3)     You will find policies that do not cost that much and provide certain benefits. One common misconception about no exam life insurance is that its cost is staggering huge and almost nobody can afford it. This is only a myth.  The intense competition between no exam insurers has lowered the prices and nowadays this policy has become more affordable.

4)     No medical exam life insurance is processed really fast. Since medical exams are no longer a compulsory requirement, your application will not have to wait several weeks in order to be processed. In fact, you will get an answer in just several hours.

5)     This policy is more and more popular and you can find quotes for it relatively easy. All you have to do is to search for no exam life insurance online quotes. You will find websites that offer free quotes.

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